about me

After a 3 year professional education "Digital Media Design for Print- and Digital Media" (Mediengestalter für Digital- und Printmedien) in Germany, I decided to go to the Netherlands to study “Art & Technology” at the ‘Saxion University of Applied Sciences” in Enschede. I wanted to immerse myself in the fields of new media and searched for options beyond commercial marketing.

In my early childhood I started modelling with clay and gypsum and always wanted to bring my results to life. During my studies I got in touch with the field of 3D animation, which seemed to be the key for my childhood dreams. Although (and maybe just because) it seemed to be one of the most challenging fields of the new media, I decided to become a 3D artist.

During a first internship at Re-lion BV, a simulation software development company in Enschede, I got a first impression of the work flow and production pipelines used in the 3D software industry and succeeded with my work.

One year later, the time for my bachelor graduation had come. The good experience of my first time at Re-lion made me apply there again for a bachelor cooperation. I (re) started in the company on 17 September 2012.

The topic of my bachelor graduation is 3D content generation for a huge terrain database for serious games, using the example of the "Kunduz Terrain Database" production for the Dutch Ministry of Defence. An area of 70*70km had to be modelled to meet geo typical and partly geo specific characterisitcs of Kunduz, a city in Northern Afghanistan. Part of my graduation was the production of more than 200 different 3D model objects in a team of two 3D artists - within 35 days. All buildings had to be accessible and designed for application in "Virtual Battlespace 2", a simulation platform currently used by the Dutch forces for training. As all models had to correspond to geo typical and even geo specific characteristics, an intense research on the Afghan city was necessary. In order to find an answer to the main research question "how to design 3D content for virtual terrain databases for military serious games", I searched for alternatives to traditional manual modelling techniques.

All delivered results "exceeded the expectations" of the client.